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Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies

About Leah,

Leah Mary Lynne MacLeod is the founder of Lighthouse Healing Centre. She is known as an inspiring teacher and extraordinary healing facilitator. She brings a wealth of experience to her work that enables her to listen without judgment and provide compassionate insight. Her skills equip friends, family and clients with a greater understanding of their worth and the extraordinary opportunity for growth that is possible through life's challenges.

Leah has demonstrated in her own life that change is powerful and possible and understands the stresses of life, relationships and careers. She draws from a deep well of rich experiences, challenges and triumphs, to be able to lovingly hold the space for others to find their way.

Over the last 17 years, Leah has committed herself to her passion of supporting others on their journey to grow, heal, and become self-empowered. She is dedicated to acquiring and sharing many different tools that can help individuals to live a more joyful life with meaning and purpose.


Certified Massotherapist, Nevas West Indies 1996
Certified Practitioner of Reflexology, Holt School of Reflexology, Bolton, Ontario 1997
Certified Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning, Resonance Repatterning Institute, USA 1997
Reiki Master, Teramai method based on the Usui tradition 1998
Practitioner of Etheric Healing, School of Etheric Healing 1999
Certified Attunement Practitioner, The International Emissaries of Light, 2001
Volunteer, Hospice Caledon (2001-2013)
Member of the Board of the Resonance Repatterning Practitioners Association


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