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Finally, all we can do is to let the days instruct us, and know that the only gift worth having is the Grace to go on with the job to be done, the people to love. There is no holding on in this world, but knowing what we love we cannot lose.        

Kuki Gallman "I Dreamed of Africa"





Attunement can be defined as a sacred healing art and spiritual practice.

It is a healing technique, but it has always had a core and more central function as a spiritual attunement: a way of assisting oneself and others to harmonize with Source; be in stillness with awareness of the greater whole.

It is uniquely adaptive to our needs for spiritual healing as human beings, a form of communion with higher spiritual understanding and by that definition is a spiritual practice. 

The focus of the basic Attunement Technique is working with the invisible aspect of the endocrine and nervous systems.

At Lighthouse, Attunement Sessions are offered on a donation basis.


Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies