Lighthouse Healing Centre Empower
Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies
The Healing Centre Creative Centre Creative Source (Root Chakra) 1st Chakra
Connect to your creative life-energy. It encourages us to settle, open, and draw energy from the earth. Like a long root anchored into the depths of the earth, this essence grounds our energy. Feel more poised, fully present and calm by opening and strengthening the root chakra. As we surrender to life a natural rise of optimism stirs within us. This is our creative passion at its most elemental form.
The Healing Centre Creative Centre Balanced Power (Throat Chakra) 5th Chakra
This essence supports clear intention and loving discernment as it draws from the well of a pure heart, co-ordinating thought and feeling with speech and action, so that our truth is conveyed with ease and assurance. When we speak from the quiet, inner strength of our being, our expression is balanced and authentic. Connect with the deep well of inner knowing so you can speak the appropriate words at the right time and with the fullness of our true feeling.
The Healing Centre Creative Centre Opening Space (Pelvic Chakra) 2nd Chakra
This essence opens this space for a fuller and more pleasurable experience of life. It quickens the movement of any creative process by encouraging an expansive inner abundance and generosity that nourishes all of our relationships. If we have withdrawn from others, wounded and hurt, we may need to restore the fertile lushness of life. Gently open the tight constricted areas so that you can trust and interact with ease and joy again. Opening space this way allows us to provide friendship to others while staying true to ourselves.
The Healing Centre Creative Centre Still Point (Brow Chakra)
This sixth chakra essence stimulates a vortex of energy, opening and bringing light into the third eye. In this place of stillness, new vision and feeling is born. Like a sea of glass upon which the clear light of our vision can dance, the essence holds us in the still point. Here our conscious and subconscious mind pulses in a balanced union. As we dwell here, we can attract what we truly need from the universe. In the still point, our soul begins to hum with spiritual readiness. Then, in the right moment, action springs, not from our will or fear but from our own soul-song
The Healing Centre Creative Centre Playfulness (Solar Plexus Chakra) 3rd Chakra
It is often more effective to be playful rather than be intensely focused on our life-issues. This essence connects us with our liberating spirit of play. Useful when we are off balance and take ourselves too seriously, work too hard, or forget how to enjoy life. As we lighten up, our spirit moves more freely in our bodies, we discover a more relaxed and graceful balance. Acts of playful spontaneity can stimulate and raise our vibration, making us truly light-hearted.
The Healing Centre Creative Centre Light and Laughter (Crown Chakra)
A lighthouse illuminates the harbor at night with its steady brilliance. Likewise, we can hold fast to the simple stature of our being, and let our souls’ delight shine out onto our world. Our stance is both strong and flexible, and our joy can be like the sound of God’s laughter, blessing the world with song as it washes away all sadness. When we are feeling worn down. Small and unworthy, this essence will help to restore the joy bubbles of life’s healing fountain.
The Healing Centre Creative Centre The Hearth (Heart Chakra) 4th Chakra
The heart is the centre, the primary place where our soul lovingly communes with our bodies through our feelings. A source of warmth and love that unifies the upper and lower chakras. The heart powers every creative act that moves through our hands. Protect and honour this place of loving stillness and hear your hearts’ wisdom. This essence will hold you safe and centered in your inner hearth as you explore compassion and dive deeper for your own truth.