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Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies


"Flower Essences are sun-infused solutions possessing flowers' subtle vibrational energy imprint. They represent a higher vibrational octave of the plant's herbal or molecular properties."



Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies

Lighthouse Flower Essences

Flower essences work on many levels, supporting us physically, mentally, emotionally
and spiritually to bring us into balance. Their effect can vary from subtle shifts to visions, body sensations, and insights. Mostly, essences help us to be ourselves; to bloom in the way that is true for us.

Loosely based on the chakra system, these seven Lighthouse Essences were co-created by Leah MacLeod and Andrea Mathieson of Raven Essences. There is a quality of warmth, playfulness, laughter and light that unifies the Lighthouse Essences – all essential ingredients for a joyful experience of life.

Start with two or three drops at a time once or twice a day for a few days. If you are under tremendous stress, you can take them more often. It is impossible to take too many, and they can be taken at any time. When you plan to take an essence, try to find a quiet moment so that you can feel what happens and, if there is enough time, perhaps even journal your response.

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Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies