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Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies
Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies

Healing Circles:

Connect to Self          Find purpose          Reduce stress          

Build self-confidence          Learn forgiveness           Glow

The Lighthouse Healing Circles are for people who are motivated to live empowered lives by clearing their limitations and embracing a more powerful and joyful presence in the world. The weekly two-hour sessions provide a safe place for participants to recognize and embrace the opportunities presented by the challenges of life. Problems often become something to smile about and laughter is ever present.

One of these circles has been in existence for over ten years and the participants report happier, less stressful lives and improved relationships. 

As well as opportunities for those more advanced in this work, there are healing circles for people just starting out on their path of self-recognition and realization; those new to the concept of personal growth.

These healing circles are $ 30.00 a session and include a meditation and a group session of Resonance Repatterning. 

To find out more about the process of Resonance Repatterning, go to the Healing section of this website.

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