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“If there is anything and I do mean ANYTHING in your life, world, or affairs that you are willing and ready to heal, this work is something you will want to discover and embrace. Resonance Repatterning is powerful”

 Iyania Vanzant, author, founder, and executive director of Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development

Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies

Resonance Repatterning

Did you know that your very beliefs, thoughts and feelings affect the quality of your life?

Everything is energy or vibrating frequencies: every thought, feeling, every word you speak, every organ and tissue of your body. When your frequencies are in sync with each other (coherent), you are 'in the zone', have energy and a sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being; when your frequencies are out of sync with each other (non-coherent), you may feel angry, depressed, or tired, and life feels like a stress rather than a joy.

Resonance Repatterning is a system based on concepts from new physics, cutting edge brain research, and energy psychology that makes it possible for you to maintain your natural state of coherence and achieve the best of who you are no matter what the circumstances of your life. You can easily learn to identify and transform your unconscious patterns and experience the reality of your problems becoming opportunities for growth.

When we merely exist, it means that we have resigned ourselves to our pain and inadequacy, rather than taking up the commitment and challenge to free ourselves of old, life-depleting habits and responses so that we can once more manifest the full light of our consciousness. As Nelson Mandala said in his inaugural speech, " This is living!"

Resonance Repatterning is offered in person or by long distance.  

What clients have to say:

Resonance Repatterning:
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