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Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies
Lighthouse Healing Centre Butterflies


Classes are offered as requested.

RETREAT DAY - New This Fall!

This is an opportunity to re-charge, become more energized, and get a greater perspective on your life. Sometimes we become off balance, are too focussed or over-worked, and need a little TLC. This day allows participants to take a break, relax, balance the body, and clear old patterns and issues that limit their growth. 

The day includes meditation, a session of Reflexology, a Reiki treatment and a full one-on-one session of Resonance Repatterning, with time to journal and reflect. As we spiral up to be a greater source of light for our families, clients, friends, our life is happier, richer and more fulfilling.


Meeting weekly for healing and personal growth work in the company of like minded people has tremendous benefits. As old patterns are cleared and non-coherent memories of the past transformed, life feels so much easier and more peaceful.

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